Bar Measures & Pourers

Spirit measures offer a fast and reliable way of dispensing spirits. All of our optics are CE marked and are certified for dispensing the amount that is stamped on them. If you serve whisky, gin, vodka or rum, then by law, you are required to serve the spirits in 25ml or 35ml measures can. A spirit measure is a great way of serving these spirits thanks to its well thought out design. Our drink measures will not drip so there is no sticky back bars and no unnecessary wastage. The smooth mechanism on the drinks optic is so responsive that it can even be operated by the rim of a plastic glass. As the measure will only dispense the amount it was intended for, you can avoid expensive over-pours. Bar measures are best suited to use in fast-paced high volume bars. If you run a cocktail bar or any type of bar where you prefer to build the drink in front of your customers, then take a look at our spirit pourers and CE marked thimble measures.
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