Cocktail Drink Stirrers & Sticks

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Cocktail drink stirrers are ideal for all bar mixer and cocktail drinks, featuring a long shaft which allows it to reach the bottom of tall drinks for stirring. If you're hosting a large party or event, disposable cocktail stirrers make the ideal choice and we offer both cheap drink stirrers and basic drink stirrers. Swizzle Stick Disc Stirrers are a popular choice due to their simple and classic design. There's nothing worse than taking a sip of your cocktail and finding all the alcohol has sunk to the bottom. The simple act of popping a drinks stirrer in your cocktail and giving it a quick mix, ensures your cocktail tastes great. For themed parties and special occasions, our range of novelty drink stirrers bring a touch of fun. We also offer reusable drink stirrers, which are ideal for cocktails at home and are available in a variety of designs. To help you make a professional looking cocktail, we offer twisted mixing spoons and long latte spoons. Plastic & Bamboo Cocktail Sticks. Bar Stir Sticks, Flat Head, Ball Head, Swirl Sticks, Swirl Picks, Prism Stirrers & Bamboo Sticks from MBS Wholesale.
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