Genware Terra Porcelain Tableware

Terra Porcelain has a unique colouring to every piece. Genware Terra Porcelain crockery is a high quality fully vitrified porcelain crockery collection that is crafted through natural effects and the spontaneous colouring reactions which occur in the kiln. This makes Genware Terra Porcelain ideal for restaurants who want their crockery to have a truly distinctive look. The unique glaze formula and high temperature firing results in no two pieces of Genware Terra porcelain crockery looking exactly alike in colour or intensity, providing a wide variation in colour and finish from piece to piece and creating a truly distinctive look. If you are unsure about the suitability of Terra Porcelain to your restaurant's require The Genware Terra Porcelain crockery collection has been designed to allow restauranteurs and caterers to express their creativity and individuality. Alongside the unique colouring of every piece, the collection features 9 different colour categories, each with 18 different pieces of fully vitrified porcelain. Ideal for mixing and matching to suit your menu, you can choose from an extensive selection of coupe plates, presentation plates, bowls, ramekins and mugs to create unique table settings that leave a lasting impression on your customers.
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