An extensive range of high-quality, expertly designed stainless steel catering cutlery sets from world leading brands including Genware, DPS and Elia, ideal for use in establishments such as restaurants, hotels and cafes, as well as at home. Our cutlery collections offer a style and shape to suit all levels of food service, whether you wish to add a touch of class to your fine dining establishment or provide hard-wearing canteen / cheap cutlery for a more casual dining experience. Our Amefa range is of the highest quality and also includes a collection of Amefa Steak Knives and Forks.

Our Genware Cutlery is one of our best selling, good quality and fantastic ranges.  The Artis Cutlery range has a varied range of collections that can be used across the board in all genre of establishments.  All our stainless steel cutlery sets come in sets of 12, whether it be table knives, forks, spoons or dessert cutlery.

The Utopia Cutlery collection also has pieces in the new modern copper range which have become popular within restaurants for a more eccentric twist.  We also stock Elia Cutlery which is our widest range of stainless steel cutlery, modern and classic ranges are stocked alongside the Elia Designer Cutlery range, excellent quality cutlery, priced competitively 

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