Compostable Paper Cups and Salad Boxes

PLA Compostable Cups – Packaging as nature intended! Edenware® is a new brand of renewable and compostable food packaging, developed by Go-Pak UK Ltd. Edenware® cups are lined with a plant-based Polylactic Acid (PLA). Conventional packaging materials are plastic lined, deriving from the finite resource of oil. Edenware® cups have a much lower carbon-footprint stemming from their plant beginnings. Disposal in a food composting waste stream diverts food and packaging waste from landfill avoiding ozone depleting methane emissions. Packaging contaminated with food cannot be recycled so compostable packaging offers a great alternative. Made from high quality food grade paper board. We custom print up to six colours with our soya based compostable ink. Batch code printed so we can easily trace the cup back through the manufacturing process.
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