Beer Glasses

Serving beer from just any old vessel, just wouldn't be right. Here at MBS Wholesale we have such a vast range of beer glasses you will be sure to find the one that you are looking for at the most competitive price. CE Marked Pint Glasses and Half Pint Glasses:- These glasses carry the required stamp for draft beer service. These replaced the crown government stamp and are imperative for public house use. Craft Beer Glasses:- These glasses are of all different shapes and styles designed for craft beer service. Stemmed Beer Glasses:- Stemmed Beer Glasses are a dignified way to serve craft beers. Easy to hold and with a firm footing. English Beer Glasses:- Ideal for serving a traditional pint, these English Beer Glasses are great for domestic and commercial use. Nucleated Beer Glasses:- A Nucleated Glass has very small pits to enable the gas to be released more easily which allow the head to be preserved on a pint of beer. Toughened Beer Glasses:- These glasses are ideal for commercial use where a more robust hard wearing glass is required. Non CE Marked Glasses:- These glasses are ideal for serving beer in establishments that are not required to have the government stamp. Beer Paddles & Flights:- An innovative idea to aid the customer in transporting more than one pint of beer.

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