Casablanca Glass Tumblers

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MBS - Casablanca Heavy Glassware at trade prices including the P52714 - Casablanca Juice Glass 5oz (14cl), P52704 - Casablanca Whisky Glass 12.75oz (36.1cl), P52705 - Casablanca Tall Rocks Glass 9.5oz (26.9cl), P52694 - Casablanca Rocks Glass 8.75oz (24.6cl), P52862- Casablanca Rocks Glass 7.25oz (20cl), P52719 - Casablanca Iced Tea Glass 23oz (65cl), P52707 - Casablanca Cooler Glass 17oz (48cl), P52709 - Casablanca Iced Tea Glass 15oz (42cl), P52706 - Casablanca Cooler Glass 13oz (36.5cl), P52705 L - Casablanca Beverage Glass 12.5oz (36cl) Lined, P52708 - Casablanca Beverage Glass 12.5oz (36cl), P52713 GS - Casablanca Beverage 10oz(28cl) GS, P52713 - Casablanca Beverage 10oz(28cl), P52734 - Casablanca Shot Glass 1.25oz (3.7cl),
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