Reusable Plastic Shot & Bomb Glasses

About our Reusable Plastic Shot & Bomb Glasses

Elite Reusable Plastic Shot Glasses at trade prices from MBS Wholesale - UK supplier to bars, clubs and restaurants of Beer Pints, Half Pints, CE Lined Stamped, Wine, Shot, Champagne Glasses, Hiballs, Tumblers, Shots, Champagne Flutes nucleated, Elite Chunky 7.5oz Polycarbonate Glass, Elite Premium 8oz Rocks Polycarbonate Glass, Elite Polycarbonate 8oz Latte Cup, Elite Polycarbonate 8oz Coffee Cup, Elite Remedy 9oz Rocks Polycarbonate Glass, Elite Polycarbonate 12oz Sundae Dish, Elite Remedy 14oz Beverage Polycarbonate Glass, Elite Remedy 16oz Tall Polycarbonate Glass, Elite 10oz Hi-Ball Polycarbonate Glass, Elite 10oz Tulip Polycarbonate Glass, Excel 5oz SAN Polycarbonate Wine Glass - 100 Pack, Excel 6.5oz SAN Polycarbonate Flute Glass - 50 Pack, Excel 12oz SAN Polycarbonate Wine Glass - 50 Pack, Excel 6oz SAN Polycarbonate Martini Glass - 35 Pack, Elite 10oz Tumbler Polycarbonate, Elite Premium 14oz Polycarbonate Wine Glass , Nonic Pint - Polycarbonate Flute Glass
All prices include VAT at 20%.
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