Tulip Punchbowl and Metal Spoon 400cl

Photo's of the Tulip Punchbowl and Metal Spoon 400cl

Tulip Punchbowl and Metal Spoon 400cl
.Manufacturer: Libbey
Category: Punch Bowls and Barrels
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Tulip Punchbowl and Metal Spoon 400cl

Manufacturer: Libbey Punch Bowls and Barrels

Punch Bowls and Barrels



This Tulip Punchbowl and Metal Spoon 400cl is an innovative design, ideal for summer parties. The shape of his iconic design was inspired by the tulip, which was one of the most expensive items to buy during the 1600’s. Thousands of guilders (Dutch currency) were paid for a single flower, reaching a peak in 1637 when 6000 guilders were paid for the Semper Augustus. At the time that amount of money could buy you a big mansion on the famous Amsterdam canals. So, in the era of the punch the tulip stood for all that is luxury.
Additional Information

Additional Information

Product Code16-14-101
Product SpecificationDimensions: Depth (m) : 0.4240 Width (m) : 0.2660 Height (m) : 0.3440




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