Satco Microwave Food Containers with Lids 650ml

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Satco Microwave Food Containers with Lids 650ml
Manufacturer: Satco
Category: Microwavable Containers
£38.64Inc. VAT
Satco Microwave Food Containers with Lids 650ml Pack of 250

Microwavable Containers

Manufacturer: Satco Microwavable Containers
Category: Microwavable Containers

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£38.64Inc. VAT


These transparent 650ml Satco Microwave Food Containers with Lids are made from a robust plastic and have tight fitting lids. They are ideal for home use, restaurants and take-aways.Multi-purpose Satco 650 Containers Reusable food containers are an integral part of catering and other hospitality businesses. The ability to store food in a safe and hygienic way ensures that it can be used when necessary and isn’t left in an unsealed container which could shorten the life of the food. In addition, these containers can be used to transport food from place to place without spillages with the use of the snap on lid design which makes the Satco 650 perfect for ready meals. Satco 650 containers have a capacity of over half a litre (and are also available in different sizes). This makes them ideal for storing food products in the kitchen. For example, if you prepare salad items and want to keep them organised and separated from each other, these containers are a brilliant option. Equally, if you serve takeaway or ready meals and want to offer containers that help the food stay warm after it leaves your premises, these containers work well for that too. These Satco 650 food containers are microwave safe. This allows you to reheat food later without the requirement for extra containers and crockery. It’s also a bonus if you’re selling food to go, as it allows customers to reheat food in the original containers with minimal difficulty. Another bonus is that these containers are freezable. This ensures that food can be preserved within freezers, whether they belong to you or your customers, and can then be consumed safely later as the containers are Non-CFC. Thanks to the Satco microwave friendly properties of the containers and their lids, food can go straight from the freezer into the microwave for defrosting with no complications. Businesses of all varieties can benefit from keeping a ready supply of Satco 650ml containers within their premises. For hospitality businesses, they are a vital everyday item. In addition, though, any business where food is occasionally brought on to the premises and which may need freezing or warming up in the microwave, these are incredibly useful. As well as this, individuals and families can make great use of the containers in the home for storing and reheating domestic food and once the container is no longer required you are able to dispose of them easily as they are recyclable.
Additional Information

Additional Information

Pack 250
Type Food Containers
Material Polypropylene
Product Code SAT002
Product Specification Takeaway food container. Snap-on lid for freshness. Microwavable and freezer safe. Perfect for takeaway food and storage. Reusable. CFC Free.
Brand Satco
Manufacturer Satco
Backorder No

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