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Bar spoons are terribly important to a bartender, one of the mainstays in the bartenders basic bar toolkit the bar spoon has an interesting variety of uses, depending on the type of bar spoon you opt for of course. Originally designed for the mixing process of bartending, i.e. cocktail stirring, the length and size of the bar spoon ensure it is the best instrument for the job allowing the spoon to get to the bottom of any cocktail tin or jug – where a more traditional spoon may fail and also leave half of your hand submerged. One of a bartenders most valuable tools has always been the bar spoon. Its longevity in bar culture is a testament to its necessity for professional bartenders. The bar spoon has been a staple of traditional bartending since the induction of the cocktail. A vital asset behind the bar and in any home bar or kitchen, the bartending mixing spoon is a very versatile and multi-functioning utensil. This is a must-have item for any serious mixologist who is looking to add an adaptable cocktail device to their collection of bar tools. A cocktail stirring spoon is great for mixing, stirring, muddling, layering and garnishing drinks quickly and efficiently. Ideal for use in tall cocktail glasses ,shakers and mixing glasses. Cocktail Spoons are essential for any mixologist making stirred cocktails. Available with disc and forked ends for crushing fruit, herbs and ice pieces, and twisted stems for layering cocktails, you should be able to find the idea spoon for your requirements within our range. Cocktail Bar Mixing Spoons. Classic mixing spoon designs at cheap wholesale prices from MBS Wholesale.
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