Drinking Straws, Stirrers & Picks

Straws are a staple part of most cocktail bars, and with our selection of straws, napkins, cocktail stirrers and caddies, we have all the disposables you'll need to run a successful cocktail bar. Drinking straws are available in a variety of styles and for different uses. The most common straws are long and straight, making them ideal for use with a common Hiball glass. Bendy straws were invented to make drinking easier as the mouthpiece can be angled to the drinker's preference. The newest craze in straws are the biodegradable and paper variety, our retro paper barber striped straws are perfect for drinks from cocktails to milkshakes and available in a selection of colours. The Earth friendly drinking straw option is sweeping the nation popping up in most bars and restaurants. Help stop waste and switch to eco friendly paper drinking straws!

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