Champagne, Wine and Beer Coolers

Find everything you'll need to make serving wine easy. With everything from Ice buckets, Party Tubs and Coolers, Champagne and Wine Buckets in Stainless Steel, Acrylic, Chrome and Glass, you're sure to find the perfect products for use in your restaurant or at home. Keeping white wine and champagne cool is an important factor to maximising its full potential. Therefore, ice buckets are ideal for keeping your wine chilled on those hot summer days in the garden or for table service in your bar or restaurant . We provide ice buckets that are big enough to fit wine / champagne bottles and lots of ice to keep it cool. Our selection ranges from different shapes & sizes, and colours & materials. With a variety of different buckets to choose from, we’re sure you’ll keep your wine cool! Champagne should always be served on ice and chilled. Serving in an ice bucket is great for the customer to keep their fizz colder for longer. We sell a selection of buckets, including stainless steel chillers, clear acrylic coolers, and even buckets which hold two or three champagne bottles. Also included in our range are stainless steel champagne bowls. These attractive and generously sized bowls are great for holding multiple bottles as a centre piece for special occasions. We also supply a large selection of champagne glasses to ensure you can toast your champagne in style. Keep your rose's and whites chilled to perfection and impress your customers with our selection of stylish wine coolers and ice buckets. Whether you are searching for stainless steel buckets or clear acrylic chillers, we have exactly what you are looking for. Our range also includes wine buckets with stands, buckets which fit more than one bottle. Our wide selection of wine glasses will ensure you are able to drink your wine in style. Champagne Buckets, Ice Buckets & Wine Coolers at Cheap Prices from MBS Wholesale.

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